Patriotic Expressions

Motivation and leadership with a Patriotic flair

Mark Schinnerer

Mark schinnerer

The Star Spangled Banner
The stage is set with the historical background of the War of 1812 and the subsequent attack on the battle at Fort McHenry.

This famous battle inspired the writing of the "The Star Spangled Banner." 

Four verses tell the tale of the battle and the unsuccessful attempt to take the fort.

This program includes:

  • the singing of each verse, telling the events of the night
  • an explanation of each verse
  • leadership lessons (if you want them included)
  • an unforgettable, emotional conclusion

The Pledge of Allegiance

We grew up saying it with hand over heart

         recite at club meetings,

                           in school and in our courts.

Do we really know what the words mean? 

How did we get the 'Pledge'?

This program reveals the origin and the historical significance of the Pledge, the original presentation, and how we got the form we recite today.

This is a great program for service clubs, schools, luncheons, etc.

Let Freedom Ring

A look back at Freedom and Liberty from the very beginnings of our country. 

The struggle for and how Freedom has been fought for and won these past 230-plus years.

Patriotic songs interspersed throughout the program bring to mind how special our country really is.

Patriotic Expressions - these programs remind us about the freedoms we hold dear in this country.  Liberty and Justice are the foundation upon which this country was built.

Freedom is not a gift...Benjamin Franklin

What does Freedom mean to you?

Do you feel as patriotic as you did on 9/11?

What does it mean to be a Patriot that it didn't mean 5 years ago?

Zeal for our country is what makes this nation great. 

Patriotic Expressions
  • brings our nation's history to life. 
  • programs designed to leave your audience with a deeper sense of respect for our country. 
  • leadership lessons or motivational, these programs will make any event unique.

Let our programs make your next event unforgettable. Contact us today for scheduling.

Mark Schinnerer presents the story and sings all 4 verses of The Star Spangled Banner at the opening of Congressman Steve Pearce's  district office:

"Bravo!  Thank you so very much for your presentation in our recent grand openings of the Las Crces and Roswell offices.  Your presentation of "The National Anthem"in both story and song was what our guests have been talking about.." Congressman Steve Pearce.

Patriotic Expressions
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Mark Schinnerer has been singing all his life and has developed these patriotic programs which incorporate his singing abilities to make a unique program and presentation.  Mark has been giving his programs to various civic organizations, banquets, conference kick-offs and community events since 1998.  His voice, talents and presentation are one of a kind!
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